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Health and Nutrition Benefits of Chocolate Tea

by Shalini Sinha Raj 04 May 2024

What is Chocolate Tea?

Chocolate Tea CTC is a blend of broken orange pekoe tea and natural cocoa to give you the ultimate chocolate experience naturally. If you love chocolate and tea, and want to experience both as one, then our Chocolate Tea is the best choice for you.

Health and Nutrition Benefits of Chocolate Tea

The Maya civilization was one of the first to invent chocolate. Europe got a taste of it when Spanish conquistadors visited the American continent in the 16th century. Since that time, the health and nutritional benefits of chocolate have become widely popular around the world. Chocolate became the most favorite ingredient in various food and beverages. Taking the cue, Golden Tips introduced

Chocolate Tea which became instantly popular among our customers. So, what makes chocolate tea so effective and loved by so many people around the world?Chocolate contains powerful antioxidants known as polyphenols – healthy micronutrients found in wine, berries and grapes. In addition, it also contains large amounts of catechins and epicatechins – which are beneficial micronutrients in green tea.

As a result, chocolate tea provides the following health benefits:

  1. Reduces The Risk Of Cancer

The flavanols present in chocolate have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties, which keep free radicals away. They help in attacking cells and reduce the risk of cancer.

  1. Lowers Body Mass Index (BMI)

There has been a lot of discussion on how chocolate can reduce BMI, i.e. your measurement in terms of height and weight. According to a US study conducted on 1,000 Californians, it was found that participants who consumed more chocolate could have a lower BMI. Please note that exercise or any diet had no effect on these results.

  1. Improves Vision

Researchers at the University of Reading became interested in identifying whether the flavanols present in chocolate could improve vision. For this, he conducted a small experiment and ultimately concluded that chocolate improves vision.

  1. Helps In Diabetes

There is a misconception that chocolate tea is not a good drink for diabetics. According to a study conducted at the University of L'Aquila, the right dose of chocolate flavonoids can increase insulin function in the human body and improve metabolism. Therefore, it is not necessary for diabetics to avoid chocolate tea, although it would be better to see some more studies.

  1. Lowers Blood Pressure

Some time ago, it was observed that people in Central America had lower blood pressure than people living in other continents. Studies have shown that the reason for this change was their chocolate consumption. Chocolate contains flavanols that may improve nitric oxide levels in the blood, increase the function of your blood vessels, and reduce blood pressure.

  1. Keeps Your Heart Healthy

Many studies have shown that the flavonoids present in chocolate tea help keep your arteries and veins healthy. Seven studies were conducted on over 100,000 people who were asked to consume chocolate for a specified period of time. The study concluded that the risk of heart attack in these people was reduced by 37%, while the chance of stroke was also reduced by 29%.

Final Thoughts

Chocolate has fascinated the world for thousands of years and is still a notable part of modern cuisine for both its taste and health benefits.

Do you like chocolate? do you like tea? Then order the Chocolate Tea from Golden Tea Tips and, at the same time, enjoy the many health benefits.

Five Chocolate Flavors Make Chocolate Tea Delicious

The specialty of this chocolate tea is that after drinking it, you will feel as if you have drunk a chocolate shake. Along with the taste of tea, you will also get the taste of chocolates like Cadbury, Dairy Milk, KitKat, Munch and Perk. Besides, chocolate powder is also used in it and a mixture of 10 types of spices is also added to the tea.

Just adding chocolate in chocolate tea does not work. Rather, some things have to be kept in mind while making tea. Like first add cardamom in milk and cook it for 15 minutes. Then add spices like clove, black cardamom. It is cooked by adding cinnamon, ginger and black pepper. Lastly, tea leaves are added, it is cooked for 5 minutes and taken out. Then the chocolate mixture is added to it.

This Tea Is Ready In 20 Minutes

To make this chocolate tea, we set a timer. There is a limited time to cook everything. If it is cooked more than that time then the taste of the entire tea gets spoiled. Also, tea is always made in brass utensils. Brass not only improves our digestive system, but our ancestors also used to make tea in brass utensils. Therefore, the tea will have a slightly authentic and golden flavor.

Drinking Tea And Eating Chocolate Will Not Speed Up Old Age!

Berlin: If zinc is taken along with food items like wine, coffee, tea and chocolate, it can prove helpful in protecting against oxidative stress. Such a claim has been made in a study. Researchers at Germany's Erlangen-Nuremberg University said that oxidative stress is partly responsible for aging and decreased life expectancy.

In this study it was found that zinc activates a biological molecule which is effective in protecting against oxidative stress.

“It is certainly possible that wine, coffee, tea or chocolate may be available with zinc in the future,” said Ivanovy Burmazov of the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg.

Zinc is a mineral which humans need in small quantities to remain healthy.

This study has been published in Nature Chemistry magazine.

What Will Happen If We Add Chocolate To Tea?

Adding chocolate to tea can make a delicious and wonderful drink. You can also use cocoa powder, chocolate syrup or a piece of chocolate to enhance the flavor of your tea. Some popular combinations include chocolate and black tea, chocolate and chai tea, or chocolate and peppermint tea. Experimenting with different types of chocolate and tea can yield delightful flavor combinations. Keep in mind that adding chocolate can also change the caffeine content and sweetness of the tea, so it's best to adjust the other ingredients accordingly. Enjoy your chocolate infused tea!

Guidelines For Mixing Tea And Chocolate

The key to preparing a successful tea and chocolate tasting is to ensure that the flavor profiles are well balanced. We recommend choosing high-quality chocolate with varying percentages of cocoa, including white chocolate, milk chocolate, and one or more dark chocolate. You can choose teas that have complementary or contrasting flavors; Both experiences will enhance the flavor and aroma of the chocolate, and vice versa.

To begin the tasting process, take a small piece of chocolate and let it melt slowly and thoroughly on the tongue. Then pour some of the tea into the back of your mouth to make sure it reaches all of your taste buds. Swallowing instead of sipping will allow air into the mouth, which will intensify the taste and aroma.

Take another small piece of chocolate, and notice how the tea has affected its flavor, taste, and aroma compared to the first piece. Does it taste sweeter? More bitter? Nutty, fruity or more floral? At this point you may choose to cleanse your palate with a sip of water and reverse the process: taste the tea, take a piece of chocolate, then taste the tea a second time to see which you like. A slight change is visible. 

Tea Paired With Milk Chocolate

Milk chocolate can contain from 10% to 55% cocoa with cocoa butter, sugar, and milk solids or powder. This ingredient list is what gives milk chocolate its sweet, smooth flavor and creamy, melt-in-the-mouth texture.

Milk chocolate is the most versatile type of chocolate to pair with tea. Because of its creamy, milky consistency, milk chocolate can help balance the tart, strong flavor and high tannin content of strong black tea. Teas with warm spices such as chai tea are also a good match for milk chocolate.

Tea Paired With Dark Chocolate

Compared to milk chocolate, dark chocolate has a higher concentration of cocoa – at least 55%, and up to 100% (though usually not more than 90%). The flavor of dark chocolate is powerful and rich with bitter notes.

Mixing dark chocolate with tea is a little more difficult than milk chocolate. Choosing a tea that is too astringent may overwhelm your taste buds with bitterness. Plus, the delicate tea will overpower the strong cocoa flavor of the dark chocolate.

Create a happy medium by mixing your dark chocolate with medium-dark tea, such as fruit, smoky, ginger, nutty, spicy or mint flavored teas. Aged teas like pu-erh can also be a good choice to pair with dark chocolate.

Tea Paired With White Chocolate

White chocolate is made from cocoa butter, sugar, and milk powder, without the cocoa solids present in milk and dark chocolate. There is no trace of bitterness in this dessert, and it is completely sweet, smooth and buttery. It also has the creamiest mouthfeel of all chocolates.

Due to its sweet flavor and creamy consistency, white chocolate can hold its own against stronger bitter, botanical and grassy teas like matcha. White chocolate also pairs beautifully with the nutty and floral profile. 


Q. Has anyone tried chocolate tea?

Ans: I saw chocolate tea in a store and I was interested if anyone had ever tasted it and if so, did it taste like chocolate? Wondering if I can satisfy my sweet tooth by drinking this?

Q. What is chocolate tea made from?

Ans: By grating cocoa balls or sticks and adding them to a mixture of milk and water, then boiling, chocolate tea is mixed with spices like nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger and even bay leaves before sweetening the condensed milk.

Q. Is chocolate tea a thing?

Ans: Spiced Cinnamon and Chocolate Tea is a great hot drink for those cold winter nights!

Q. Is it healthy to drink chocolate tea?

Ans: This brightly brewed tea makes a strong and delicious cup. Chocolate contains powerful antioxidants known as polyphenols – healthy micronutrients found in wine, berries and grapes. In addition, it also contains large amounts of catechins and epicatechins – beneficial micronutrients found in green tea.

Q. Is chocolate tea good?

Ans: Whether you're looking for something sweet to wake you up in the morning or want to sip when you're tired at the end of the day, chocolate tea is rich, soothing and perfect for when you're in the mood for something sweet. is suitable for you!

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