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Ancient cure in a hot cup, drink this hydrating tea to soothingly cure hangovers and get rid of alleviating headaches.
Grams : 50
Cups : 20

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Anti Hangover Oolong Tea
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For those who are attuned to using lemon water as a go-to remedy, this drink trickles with a magical cure to ease the symptoms of a hangover and counter the effects of alcohol consumption, naturally. For starters, ingredients like hibiscus, lavender, and, fruity dices replenish your dehydrated cells. Slugging the first sip prepares you for early morning meetings no matter how crazy last night’s party was.

Oolong tea


Best Time to Steep
After Party


Oolong Tea

High anti-inflammatory properties, scavenges toxins from the body

Ashwagandha (Ginseng)

An ancient herb, reduces stress & anxiety during hangovers, boosts brain function

Fruits and Flowers

Miraculously hydrating, anti-inflammatory properties, makes the drink a flavourful one.

First Impression

Fruity aroma infused with the flowery scent is already hydrating enough


A strong mysterious flavour hail the senses and the floral notes confer a ball of energy on the body

Tasting Notes

Mild sweetness of jamun makes it tempting to sip everyday

How to brew?

Fill a kettle or pot with 250 ml of filtered water and boil it.

Pour the boiling water into a teapot. Add 1 tsp of tea leaf per cup.

Steep for 4-5 minutes. Strain & serve.


If you prefer it cold, add soda, lemon, and ice cubes. For a dash of sweetness, honey works best.