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Green Tea infused with potent herbs and superfoods.

✅ Enhances Immune System

✅ Helps Maintain Healthy Weight

✅ Boosts Energy

Grams : 50
Cups : 20

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Ashwagandha Moringa Tea
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Ashwagandha works miraculously well with Moringa for holistic living. The world consumes these two as both food and a medicine alternative, here's your chance to brew them as tea. For people who need wholeness and balance in health, resort to this blend for relief.

Green Tea

Low Caffeine

Best Time to Steep
Best Steeped In Morning & Evening


Green Tea

Fresh organic green tea leaves make you feel light and active all day.


Anti-inflammatory, energy-boosting, and immunity-enhancing potent herb.


A nutrient dense plant whose nourishing nature has been enjoyed by many cultures for ages.

First Impression

A medley of blue, black, and all lovely hues


An enchanting joy in a glass for those who love to smell caffeine after a night of drinks

Tasting Notes

Earthy grassy undertones with a hint of cocoa like aftertaste. Smells like pure health.

Fast facts

Sugar only if preferred

Serve without milk

Tastes best when hot


If you prefer it cold, add soda, lemon, and ice cubes. For a dash of sweetness, honey works best.

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