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Putting together a range of Classical Teas. Sometimes a throwback is all you need.


  • Apple Cinnamon Tea
  • Masala Chai

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An apple a day keeps the doctor away. And if there is some cinnamon added, there couldn’t be a nutrient-dense cup of winter warmth. Though delicious in any season, the coolness of late autumn brings out the magic in these two ingredients – apples and cinnamon that are both well known in their own right for their individual health benefits. The aroma is immediately welcoming and its woodsy flavour delights your brisk mornings.

The strongest homegrown spices from Indian having a gala time in your cup. Sip this age-old concoction when the craving hits to squeeze drowsiness away. Prominent notes of ginger, cinnamon, and cardamom levitate your senses to a happy place while black tea sweeps in with its maltiness. Not to forget pepper lends a powerful kick to the brew. Kadak is the word we’re looking for here!