Indulgence Worthy Tea Combo Sale
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A timeless, elegant indulgence everyone should experience at least once. Each tea in the pack is a treat to the eyes and the soul.

  • Apple Cinnamon Green Tea
  • Blooming Flower Green Tea
  • Earl Grey Black Tea

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Indulgence Worthy Tea Combo
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Though delicious in any season, the coolness of late autumn brings out the magic in the Apple Cinnamon Tea, where both the ingredients are well known in their own right for their individual health benefits. Next is an exquisite offering from the hills of Darjeeling, the Blooming Flower Tea that literally blooms like a flower in your cup. When you feel like teleporting to the colonial times, try the delicate and exquisite Earl Grey; once tea of the aristocracy, now yours to savour.

Inside This Combo

Apple Cinnamon Green Tea

An array of fiber & vitamins is awaiting you and since they are loaded with natural sweetness, you can cut the added sugar

Blooming Flower Green Tea

Wrapped around the blooming flower, Chinese Green Tea revitalises your immune system

Earl Grey Black Tea

Good stuff like polyphenols and flavonoids make this blend as much of a healthy choice as it is refreshing and aromatic.

How to brew?

Take around 2.5 gm of tea leaves in an empty cup.

Pour 150-200 ml of hot water.

Let it steep for 5-7 minutes. Strain and serve.