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Blended with natural energising & detoxifying oils.

✅ Purifies Blood 

✅ Improves General Well-Being

✅ Excellent Aromatherapy

Grams : 50
Cups : 20

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Kaffir Lime Tea
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Half of the taste of Kaffir Lime Tea is in the smell. The kaffir oil blends in various useful decoctions for those seeking a natural detox regime. Oil ooze divine fragrance doing wonders for body and mind. Excellent aromatherapy, known to reduce stress, anxiety, and fatigue.

Green Tea

Low Caffeine

Best Time to Steep
Can Be Steeped Anytime


Green Tea

Fresh organic green tea leaves make you feel light and active all day.

Kaffir Lime Oil

Naturally detoxifying in nature with an aroma pure from heaven.


A sleep inducing ingredient that helps you enjoy a moment of calm.

First Impression

A medley of blue, black, and all lovely hues


An enchanting joy in a glass for those who love to smell caffeine after a night of drinks

Tasting Notes

Strong & citrusy. Wonderful aroma. Lime like after taste.

Fast facts

Sugar only if preferred

Serve without milk

Tastes best when hot


If you prefer it cold, add soda, lemon, and ice cubes. For a dash of sweetness, honey works best.

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