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When duty calls, work hard, the rest of the life is made for partying. The combo is your work & play pack.

  • Masala Chai | 50 g
  • Rum Flavoured Tea | 50 g
  • Earl Grey Tea | 50 g

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Party & Work Combo
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Inside This Combo

Earl Grey Black Tea

Some moments are only yours. Find a cozy corner and read a book over sips of the delicate and exquisite English Earl Grey. Once tea of the aristocracy, now yours to savour. The aroma of bergamot extract triggers happy hormones.

Rum Flavoured Tea

A non alcoholic spiked black tea infused with rum for indulgence on Friday nights. Satiating at its best. Super refreshing minus any side effects of alcohol. Sip with friends or complete strangers, because pleasure should be shared.

Masala Chai

Feeling tired, wanting to doze off, all the time? Wake your senses with a low caffeine formula. Authentic chai, kadak as you like, infused with the strongest homegrown spices like ginger, cinnamon, and cardamom. Your office break is sorted.

Fast facts

Sugar only if preferred

Serve without milk

Tastes best when hot