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Love the idea of instant rejuvenation? Try the balance of brisk & refreshing flavours in this blend. It could be your pause button for life.
Grams : 50
Cups : 20

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Refreshing Green Tea
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A savior when it comes to quenching our thirst, this blend has been made with all fresh ingredients and a lot of love. The summer sipping recipe tingles your senses and the invigorating aroma takes you closer to tranquility. The texture is smooth, velvety, and calm and the heatwave-friendly ingredients help keep you bloat-free and refreshed. Want to hear more? It’s low on caffeine. Charming!

Green tea


Best Time to Steep


Green Tea

Flushed with antioxidants, increases metabolism, little high caffeine for instant energy, colonists’ secret for an invigorating life


Flushed with flavonoids and antioxidants, improves sleep pattern, lowers stress


Works wonders for digestive woes, soothing effects on cold

First Impression

A rich green appearance with a velvety texture


Smells lemony, minty, tangy, and all adjectives that say exhilarant

Tasting Notes

The floral and minty notes revive your soul as if you’ve just woken up from a dream

How to brew?

Take around 2.5 gm of tea leaves in an empty cup.

Pour 150-200 ml of hot water.

Let it steep for 5-7 minutes. Strain and serve.


Cinnamon and mint are popular choices to give an edge to the flavour. To make it more chocolaty, add a spoonful of cocoa powder.