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Let's vibe, talk self love, and drink tea. The combo helps you breathe in self care over iced teas and high spirits. Brew for yourself.

  • Purple Green Tea | 50 g
  • Mint Blast Iced Tea | 50 g
  • Vodka Flavoured Tea | 50 g

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Self Love Combo
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Inside This Combo

Purple Green Tea

Excquisitely made from dried blue pea flowers. Delicate like your heart, vivid in colour like your soul. Helps your skin glow, grooms you from within. Sip after meals.

Mint Blast Iced Tea

Mint is your refreshing most companion. A blast of spearmint, peppermint, and fresh mint leaves hydrate your system. Lemon zest balances the tone. Perk up your me time.


Vodka Flavoured Tea

A non alcoholic spiked black tea infused with vodka for indulgence when your mind needs a bit of high. Satiating at its best. Super refreshing minus any side effects of alcohol. Sip for pleasure.

Fast facts

Sugar only if preferred

Serve without milk

Tastes best when hot