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Putting together a range of tropical sensations. 


  • Relaxing Tea
  • Earl Grey Tea

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Take a Break
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If you feel your lifestyle has thrown off your body clock, try this quintessential remedy. Every sip of this blossomy magic of Green Tea comes with relaxing, serenity-infused ingredients picked & processed in their finest state. To your surprise, the lively hints of chamomile and lemongrass may even help that underlying tension dissipate. Sit back, put your feet up, and sip on the piping hot cup of mesmerism.


Tea lovers everywhere can now swoon over this quintessential English drink as we bring you a blend that is best brewed for those special occasions. Black tea leaves make up for a strong, healthy base while the flavour is lifted with fragrant notes of bergamot and a citrus fruit twist that balances the malty overtones. The fragrance is to die for and in case you are wondering how to cut down on caffeine, Earl Grey comes to the rescue.