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Putting together a range of Teas to help you grow strong. 


  • Immunity Tea
  • Chamomile Chai


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Unstoppable Teas
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Ways to improve immunity have started to flood the headlines now more than ever. Advantaging the innate potency of tea, we bring you a blend that opens with a soft, fragrant palette of plant parts with a gratifying choice of spices. The most nutrient-dense ingredients have been brought here to curate this generous giver of immunity. Be it powering through a workout or taking regular sips for overall wellness, put the kettle on and relish a warm, all-in-one health drink.

Chamomile Tea is an aromatic ticket to hours of good sleep. Amid the chaotic lifestyle, we often crave to shed the tiredness, the exertion. This exquisite blend has been curated in a way that it immediately hydrates the body and the heat soothes the stiffness of muscles.