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A blended Whole White Tea Leaf and Bud lends itself to multiple delicate steeps. If you’re wondering, the elixir of immortality is here.
Grams : 50
Cups : 20

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White Elixir Tea
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Known in the traditions of many countries as the elixir of immortality, the magical formula supposedly grants the drinker eternal youth. Offering the same enchantment into a tea pack, we bring you a blend that unfurls while being brewed and releases its extracts that are delectable, low in calories, and brimming with antioxidants. The white elixir is best relished in its pure form hence, the product is absolutely pristine

White Tea


Best Time to Steep


White Tea Leaf and Bud

Effectively protects against many forms of ailments, naturally anti-oxidative, blesses you with longevity

First Impression

A pale creamish colour


A divine layered aroma that is sweet, mild, and mellow

Tasting Notes

With tangerine and honeydew flavours, the energizing taste is nothing too sharp, but perfectly clean and bracing.

How to brew?

Take around 2.5 gm of tea leaves in an empty cup.

Pour 150-200 ml of hot water.

Let it steep for 5-7 minutes. Strain and serve.


To soak up more health benefits, try with a hint of peppermint alongside a few ginger slices and cinnamon.