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If you’ve been wishing to have a glass or two of alcohol, but prefer not to, our White Wine infused Green Tea is your perfect pick.
Grams : 50
Cups : 22

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Wine Infused Green Tea
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This non-alcoholic drink of White Wine, infused into green tea is an interesting drink for indulgence at night with friends & family, in social gatherings, during moments of solitude, or just usual to experience luxury. Soul satiating and full of mysterious taste, this just doesn’t have any side effects of alcohol, but only all things sugar and spice.

Green Pearl Tea


Best Time to Steep
Anytime, During Party


Green Tea

Flushed with antioxidants, increases metabolism, little high caffeine for instant energy, colonists’ secret for an invigorating life

Wine Flavour

Green grapes derived white wine adds to your experience of having an exquisitely handcrafted tea

First Impression

Appears golden yellow


Strong fragrance of fermented green gapes that hits immediately

Tasting Notes

Typically like that of wine infused with green tea with sweet & tangy undernotes.

How to brew?

Take around 2.5 gm of tea leaves in an empty cup.

Pour 150-200 ml of hot water

Let it steep for 5-7 minutes. Strain and serve.


Lemon does wonders to the strong flavour of green tea. Squeeze a few drops as per your liking and add raisins to make the drink a little sweet and balanced. Cool it to enjoy as iced tea.

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