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  • Spring sale'23 | Buy 2 Get 23% Off. Applicable on certain products.Shop Now
  • Free shipping and cash on delivery available
  • Spring sale'23 | Buy 2 Get 23% Off. Applicable on certain products.Shop Now

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Whole leaves from the finest Indian estates, blended by Canadian artisans to appeal to the taste of the locals.

Creative take on tea

Power of whole leaves

Inspired by your moods & aspirations


Once in a land far far away, an Indian traveler, after strolling into the whole foreign city, couldn’t find the one thing she craved: authentic Indian tea. That was her lightbulb moment. The Infused Kettle is Shalini's love child from travel. Her endeavor to bring the world closer over a cup of tea.

Shalini Sinha

The Infused Kettle came into being when a bunch of tea purists came together and decided to embark on a quest of discovering and delivering the most pristine tea from India to the world in the most orthodox way possible! During a casual meetup (over a cup of tea of course) they realised how tea has been the backbone of every social setting across boundaries for decades and continues to be relished by generations in different styles across diverse cultures. From welcoming guests to rekindling conversations, tea has been the customary centrepiece that has allowed people to connect and bond.

While easy to spell and pronounce, ‘Tea’ is not as simple to make. For purists, tea is not just a drink. It is an amalgamation of right natural ingredients brewing in harmony to cultivate a silky textured beverage that releases its best flavours amidst the crucible of heat. That’s why to discover and deliver the most authentic taste for genuine tea lovers across the world, they travelled far and wide. Their journey led them to the tea gardens of Darjeeling, which became The Infused Kettle’s heartland to source the highest quality and freshest tea leaves directly to your cups.


Be inspired
Best grade whole leaves from rare Indian estates.

Be home
Blended by local Canadian artisans with love and years of skills.

Travel with tea
Reaching from gardens boundaries beyond to your cup.

Meet Ish Chowdhary

Our tea connoisseur who's making heaven reach you.

A big thanks!

Ish Chowdhary is our Canada Representative at The Infused Kettle.

20 years of project and retail expertise in cross-functional situations. His data analytic skills have helped us crack the code of what our worldwide customers want

Slurrrrpppp… it’s cup licking!

Blended with ingredients from traditional sciences Something for every mood & need

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Our Products

Something for every mood and need!

Loved by all Earl Grey Tea 

  • . Black Tea
  • . Blue Corn Flower
  • . Bergamot Flavour

Classic blend for digestion & focus

India’s favourite Kadak Masala Tea

  • . CTC
  • . Indian Spices
  • . Indian Herbs

Increases your energy levels

Winter special Kahwa Green Tea

  • . Green Tea
  • . Rose Petals
  • . Kesar

Kashmiri recipe for detox & inner glow 

Fruity floral Purple Cranberry Green Tea

  • . Green Tea
  • . Blue Pea Flower
  • . Cranberry

Peppy with antioxidants, revitalizes bod

All-day fresh Kaffir Lime Green Tea

  • . Green Tea
  • . Kaffir Lime Oil
  • . Ginger & Lemongrass

Rich in Vitamin C, boosts immunity

Back to childhood Roasted Chocolate Tea

  • . Roasted Black Tea
  • . Chocolate Syrup
  • . Choco Chips & Caramel

Relieves stress better than hot chocolate

Feel good Rose Tea

  • . Green Tea
  • . Rose Pieces & Oil
  • . Cinnamon

Soothes cramps with antimicrobial properties

Morning essential Turmeric tisane (non-caffeinated)

  • . Ginger & Clove
  • . Nutmeg & Black Pepper
  • . Liquorice

Great for immunity & gut without caffeine

Breakfast special English Breakfast Tea

  • . Orthodox Black Tea

Embark On An All Natural Journey