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Anti Diabetic Green Tea Sale
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We focus on Mother Nature and all that she has to offer. From her, we borrow the secret to everyday care for diabetes.
Grams : 50
Cups : 22

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Anti Diabetic Green Tea
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As miraculous as it may sound, here’s a fact — the ingredients from our kitchen help cure diabetes. Green Tea blended with Dried Amla and sugar-cutting ingredients like Fenugreek, Turmeric, and Giloy makes for one healthy cup that regulates blood sugar. Everyday sipping may help prevent high sugar risks in the body. Natural Jamun Seeds bring sweetness to the blend, absolutely pristine and yum.

Green tea


Best Time to Steep


Green Tea

Flushed with antioxidants, increases metabolism, little high caffeine for instant energy, colonists’ secret for an invigorating life


Have been found highly effective in the treatment of diabetes alongside being rich in iron

Dried Amla

Enhances liver health, supports healthy digestion, promotes heart health, improves kidney health.

Jamun Seeds

Helps reduce blood sugar levels while promoting good digestion system.

Herbs & Spices

Helps manage diabetes with great antioxidant properties, reduces stress & anxiety, possibly improve heart health, controls sugar cravings.

First Impression

Appears golden yellow


Pure aroma of infusion of green leaves and herbs

Tasting Notes

Mild sweetness of jamun makes it tempting to sip everyday

How to brew?

Take around 2.5 gm of tea leaves in an empty cup.

Pour 150-200 ml of hot water.

Let it steep for 5-7 minutes. Strain and serve.


You may add other sugar-cutting ingredients like cinnamon and cloves to increase its health benefits.

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