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Best Finger foods for Tea Parties

by Shalini Sinha Raj 14 Oct 2022

If you want to host the unforgettable tea party, which keeps your friends talking for weeks, you are at the right place! Pair your hibiscus iced tea or moonlight white tea with light and healthy finger foods that will get you hooked. You can choose between sweet and savoury, tangy and zesty and it will still go well with refreshing teas.

1. Petite Cucumber Sandwiches

A creamy salad dressing wrapped between slices is one of the best, non messy options you can have! Make it as savory or as healthy with addition of mayonnaise or lentil dips. Easy to hold with a cup of tea, Cucumbers gives a refreshing burst of energy and the bread keeps you full, so you don't go looking around for better snacks.

2. Chocolate chip scone

Muffins or scones will be your favourite partner with a cup of tea. Hail and hearty, they can keep you hooked to party. It could be tangy with citrus zest or nutty with almonds and peanuts, scones will never fail you as a finger food!

3. Mini burgers or sliders

Anything you can eat with a single hand can be added to the list of potential finger goods! So why end it at sweet and savory, let's add the filling twist of mini burgers or egg sliders to your next party. You can be as creative as the you want with mini patties or just a filling of egg bhurji, these mini burgers will not disappoint! Add leafy or chopped veggies with peri peri mix to elevate the flavour.

4. Tea cookies!

If it's a tea party, why wait till the cup to taste the tea! Start with cookies which capture the extract of your favourite tea flavour. Simply add a concentrated shot of tea to your basic cookie dough, and get crunchy biscuits that compliment your party the best. If you prefer gooey cookies, just change the temperature settigns and you are good to go!

5. Last but not the least, Fritters!

In an Indian Chai party, how can we forget the hearty fritters! Made with potatoes, onions, gobhi or mirchi, fritters will always be the classic long term partner to your tea. Make them healthier by adding them to an air fryer.

Now that you are ready with your finger foods, brew a pot of rejuvinating tea and invite all your friends over. The easiest and healthiest way to bond over - tea talk!

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