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Apple Cinnamon tea

by Shalini Sinha Raj 09 Sep 2022

If you are a tea connoisseur who has tried every unique blend from white tea to rare extracts of hibiscus, or you are just on the search for an incredible new flavor, this tea blend is exactly the right fit for you! Picking juicy apples from the orchards and mixing them with the classic taste of cinnamon, we present to you the Apple Cinnamon Tea.

Made with a simple formula of infusing clear water or green tea with apple wedges and cinnamon sticks, this combination of natural ingredients can do your body wonders.

How does it help you?

  1. Mental relaxation - It relaxes your gut and muscles as you gulp it down warmly and stabilizes your core energy.
  2. Reduces joint pain - If your joints ache every now and then, the high quantities of vitamins and minerals can help ease the pain. This increases your mobility and activity levels to improve your overall health
  3. Reduced risk of heart diseases – Due to its high antioxidant properties, it protects your heart. An apple tea a day keeps the doctor away!
  4. Aid vision - The flavonoids can prevent vision deterioration as you age, so the next time the orchards bloom you still pick the ripest apples for your tea!
  5. Improves digestive Health - It relieves constipation and increases general life quality.
  6. Increases metabolism – If you are on a diet, take your green tea to the next level with these infusions and supplement your weight loss journey.

The next time you have guests over, don’t boil a cup of general tea. Instead, offer a unique blend that will keep them wondering about the taste and feeling refreshed!

Caffeine-free tea?

If made on a water base, the apple cinnamon blend is completely caffeine free and can lead no a healthier lifestyle habit with no chances of addiction. While the normal chai or coffee has high caffeine content that keeps you awake for hours, this natural tea refreshes you with herbal ingredients instead of a caffeine-dependent system.

Create and innovate!

The already unique blend of apple and cinnamon is still open to creative modifications! So, the next time you make a batch

  • Add licorice to make it sweeter
  • Cloves and star anise for a warmer taste.
  • Try adding different varieties of apples for different extracts and tastes.
  • Add pumpkin spice if Halloween is around the corner for a spooky festive feel.

So now you know, the next time you are confused about tea choices, try the incredible yet simple and versatile apple cinnamon tea. Serve it will apple wedges for an autumn evening snack and you will find yourself coming back to it every evening, when the winter is near.

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