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Indian chai vs Infused tea

by Shalini Sinha Raj 17 Oct 2022

The growing popularity of Indian “chai tea” all over the world is fascinating. From Starbucks to small cafes, all places have the classic Indian chai, but do we stop to think, how much tea is enough? 

Indians are known to have bed tea early in the morning for a fresh caffeinated start to the morning but is that really what we need? 

What is wrong with masala chai?

While the combination of cloves, fennel, pepper, ginger, cardamon and other beneficial ingredients gives the chai a pack of antioxidants, the way we consume chai is where we might go wrong. The high sugar content, reusing of old leaves at tea stalls, and high caffeine content can lead to problems in sleep routines, heart health and generally low productivity. 

What do we do instead?

Instead of a constant caffeine intake, make the choice consciously! With the incredible variety of teas, you can now choose the level of tea fermentation, and thus, the caffeine levels you think are required by your body. Teas can be:- 

  • Non and light-fermented- Green Tea, Jasmine scented Green tea, Yellow Tea.
  • Semi-fermented - Jasmine tea, red oolong tea  
  • Fully-fermented - Black tea (usually the base for Indian chai)
  • Post-fermented

We all know, that chai is an emotion. But the next time you brew a cup of tea, make a smarter choice by being mindful of what you consume. 

Choose Infused tea

Fermented teas come in a huge variety of flavors and you can elevate them to something extraordinary with extracts of herbs or flowers food that extra set of health benefits. Increased amounts of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals keep your body up and active at all times!
 Infused options like hibiscus green tea, herbal tea infusions, or purple tea can provide great health benefits. With increased amounts of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals teas they can help you boost immunity, increase stamina and rejuvenate you from the inside. 

Choose from the Infused Kettle range of :

  • Black current apple ice tea
  • Hibiscus Green tea
  • White Elixir tea 
  • Cranberry fusion iced tea 
And many more! With such exotic flavors, timely delivery and free shipping you can take a step towards healthy mornings by choosing the Infused Kettle tea. 
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