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Tea and hangover

by Shalini Sinha Raj 17 Oct 2022

We all love partying hard with our friends and enjoying with them. But often we end up galloping a couple of glasses of alcohol. For those who have flexibility in work face no problems but those who have a long day at work end up screwing their day due to hangover.A hangover can leave someone with mood swings, brain fogs and nausea and hence people swear by some common home remedies. But there are times when homo remedies are not much effective, they only ease people from these symptoms not cure them completely. So we've put together some best teas that helps you get rid of hangover easily.

  1. Turmeric green tea - Turmeric green tea is most effective in dealing with hangovers as it is rich in anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. It also helps in complete detox of the body and helps with nausea which may be a common symptom after hangover.
  2. Hibiscus green tea - Rich in vitamin C, Hibiscus green tea acts as a protective shield of the liver. It helps recover from a hangover easily due to the boost it provides to the immune system by the vitamin C. Not only this Hibiscus green tea also prevents from cold and fever and assists in immunity boosting.
  3. Chamomile tea - The Chamomile tea is most effective as it has the ability to heal your nervous system, thereby boosting to your immunity and helping you get rid off hangovers.
  4. Spearmint green tea - Spearmint green tea is generally a combination of strong Spearmint and peppermint that helps in stomach ailments. Given that you have a really hectic day at work and not being able to cope up with hangover, Spearmint tea is the best option you can have to do your work with enthusiasm. It helps in boosting your energy level and at the same time keep you focused all throughout the day.
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