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Teas For your metabolism

Teas For your metabolism

  • 17 October, 2022
  • Shalini Sinha Raj

If you're fed up with creating salad recipes and complicated detox methods to boost your metabolism - don't worry. This time caring for your health is as easy as brewing a single cup of hot boiling tea! The benefitting extracts reach your blood directly and cleanse your body from the inside. 

So, here is a list of the top 4 teas for your metabolism that you should always store in your cupboard today!


1. Ginger Tea 

Indians love their ginger. You can add it to your veggies or eat it raw, but one of the best ways to reap its benefits is to make it into a Tea!

It boosts your metabolism, increases calorie consumption and aids weight loss but that's not all. This simple formula soothes your throat as it runs down and keeps your heart running smoothly. For a better taste, add a dollop of honey and your body will cherish it just as much as your tongue! 


2.Oolong tea

With an enticing aroma and incredible taste, the oolong tea is a semi fermented option with just the right amount of caffeine! Blended with flowery flavours like rose and mint, this infused tea can hasten your weight loss journey or simply make you feel light breezy. Harvested from the Himalayas, oolong tea is your best option for those chilly evenings when all you need is a cup of tea.


3.Black Tea

The master tea, with a "wake me up on sleepy mornings" punch and multiple benefits is here. Black Tea is an incredibly soothing yet rejuvenating beverage that can increase your strength and awareness levels, improve gut health, reduce blood sugar levels and much more!

Being the easiest tea to brew, Black Tea with its strong aroma is your perfect morning partner.


4. Matcha tea

If not for the new trends and aesthetics, you definitely need to include matcha in your diet. You can make it into ice creams, mochi and the most effective, tea! So don’t wait and get your packet of health booster matcha today. 


5.Green Tea

Last but not the least, the ever famous, green tea! With a squeeze of a lemon and hint of rosemary, green tea is known for its 0 calorie, weight loss formula. After heavy meals or empty stomach in the morning, every time is green tea time with the taste and digestive properties of the magic tea.


Now that you are ready to get your metabolism back on track, complement the Teas with morning walks and increased general activity. Simple changes in your everyday routine can have incredible effects on your body. So with the year-end so close, complete all your health new year resolutions with hot brews.

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