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Dedicated to Indian tea lovers, this spicy masala chai wakes the mouth with the first sip itself. It’s unapologetically kadak!
Grams : 50
Cups : 20

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Masala Chai
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The strongest homegrown spices from Indian having a gala time in your cup. Sip this age-old concoction when the craving hits to squeeze drowsiness away. Prominent notes of ginger, cinnamon, and cardamom levitate your senses to a happy place while black tea sweeps in with its maltiness. Not to forget pepper lends a powerful kick to the brew. Kadak is the word we’re looking for here!

Black tea


Best Time to Steep


Black Tea

Full of antioxidants, reduces free radicals, strong nutritional value, miraculous effects on skin and hair


A warming spice, provides gastrointestinal aid, antibacterial properties


Gives the tea a tasty edge, strengthens body’s antimicrobial defense, high in fiber content


Warming in nature, combats the effects of weather changes


Excellent flavours, blocks inflammation, reduces belly bloat, stabilises blood sugar

Clove & Nutmeg

Perfect scent, antioxidant properties, improves digestion, enhances immunity

First Impression

Looks as spicy and colourful as it can get


Carries an aroma of nostalgia and Indianness where the scent of all sorts of spices rushes to you

Tasting Notes

Indulgent and flavorful, it owes its luxurious taste to the infusion of earthy spices which is sweet to the perfect amount

How to brew?

Put 2.5g leaves in an empty cup.

Pour 200 ml of water heated at 85-90°C.

Let it steep for 5 minutes. Refrigerate and serve chilled.


Myriad options for you to experiment with. Add a dash of milk, honey, and jaggery to take a sweeter route.